Airmaster is a system that automatizes combustion process in wood stoves and fireplaces. It allows the manufacturer of wood stoves and fireplaces to develop highly efficient stoves that are controlled either with smartphone application, remote control, display or by buttons on the stove. Since Airmaster is in its essence a PLATFORM, it is designed to be modular and customized for the manufacturer’s needs. Combustion process and all other features are specified by the manufacturer of the stoves. Since the end product - the automatic wood stove - includes the manufacturer’s know-how, it makes the product unique.


It is installed on the air inlet and it regulates primary, secondary (optional), and tertiary (optional) air. It is a highly advanced system that monitors the temperature of the flue gases, draft and the oxygen (optional) content in flue gases. It includes a Bluetooth receiver for a smartphone application (optional), or remote control (optional). The electronic circuit also includes additional input for i.e. ambient temperature sensor, and additional output for i.e. an ambient fan. There is also a possibility to include a battery for safety reasons in case of black-outs of the mains power. The sensors regulate the three-step motors that manipulate the air streams. There are also a myriad of other options. The air streams are regulated according to the parameters, which are defined by the manufacturer. We only provide the program with guideline for best performance, best practices and we offer complete technical support to help you along the way.


AirMaster has available a large variety of user interfaces, which give manufacturers the possibility to customize the appearance and functionality of the product.

AirMaster App

Airmaster App screens



Airmaster LED screens


Fumis Premium

Airmaster Fumis Premium screens


Fumis Premium XL

Airmaster Premium XL screens


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