It all started when a producer of pellet boilers was looking for a partner that had the necessary knowledge to create a new control system for wood biomass stoves using the most advanced control principles. At that time, no such system was available on the Slovenian market.

At ATech we had the extensive knowledge in the development of electronic motor controls, process control algorithms and communication protocols and as environmental awareness was in our common interest, cooperation made all the sense. This gave birth to FUMIS - a family of heating system controllers, optional modules and PC software for wood biomass boilers and stoves.

We put our trust in the FUMIS wood biomass stoves controllers because they are a tangible answer to the ever increasing environmental issues. Searching for effective ecological solutions is always a challenge, a challenge we faced during the technical implementation of the development of FUMIS. The FUMIS controllers enable accurate and stable combustion through FUMIS PRO-PACK PC software, which results in maximum efficiency and low emissions. Our controllers are extremely adaptable - the numerous possibilities of customisation for various heating systems allow you to have the same basic product, same user interface and same service channel across all your product range.

Various user interfaces, as well as RF and GSM/GPRS remote control, can all be integrated into the heating system control of an individual house or large in-built automation systems equipped with boilers using pellets, woodchips, firewood and other solid biomass fuels.

The reliability of the FUMIS controllers stems from taking into account the demanding conditions in which they operate, the extensive tests of its component parts and the continuous comprehensive and professional technical support. By choosing FUMIS products to control your biomass heating systems you enter a partnership where continuous investment in research and design, aimed to improve the products and services, guarantees you always have access to a technically superior product.

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