Innovation award for FUMIS FP-OXY

ATech received a gold innovation award by the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Primorska. The innovation is FUMIS OXY, an innovative high-performance wood biomass combustion controller. This award gives FUMIS the possibility to compete for the national award for the best Slovene innovation.

ATech has again proved its creativity and innovativeness by participating at another tender for innovations thus receiving another important recognition. The recognition award was given for the innovation developed by ATech's R&D engineer from the group SmartMove, Vojko Blažič and his co-workers.

ATech, with the awarded FUMIS OXY confirms Slovenia among the most ecologic orientated countries in the world, which develop and promote technologies for the use of renewable energy sources.

FUMIS OXY was designed to control high-performance boilers including multiple boiler synchronized operation (cascade or cluster). The accurate and stable combustion based on fuzzy logic control and lambda probe oxygen content measurement results in high efficiency and low emissions in real-life operation.

HORUS award for social responsibility

Climate-friendly innovation FUMIS as well as company’s focus and activity in accordance with the principles of the three core values of ATech: people, environment and society, brought ATech HORUS Award - the first Slovenian award for social responsibility. 

The award was granted by IRDO - The Institute for the development of corporate social responsibility, and PRSS – Slovenian Society for Public Relations, in the context of 4th International conference on corporate social responsibility that took place on 3 June 2009, in Maribor.  

The award is aimed for companies who see important business opportunities in the socially responsible activities and are willing to invest their time, energy and capital in the sustainable development of humanity. The committee has assessed a socially responsible behaviour in four areas: in relation to employees, to the environment, to the community and in its relations on the market.  

ATech has won in the category of medium-sized companies. Trimo was awarded in the category of large companies, and Informa Echo in the category of small companies. Proud of its award and with a commitment to socially responsible practices in the future, ATech wishes to congratulate also all the other finalists.

FUMIS nominated as a Climate-friendly innovation

Cankarjev dom in Ljubljana is the venue of the 3rd Slovenian Forum of Innovation (SFI) that is taking place from 21 to 22 October 2008. The key issues of this year's edition of the SFI are innovations that have a positive impact on climate. ATech's FUMIS is nominated as one of Climate-friendly innovations.

Mr Andrej Vizjak, Slovenian Minister of the Economy, opened the event by emphasizing the importance of climate-friendly innovations as they are the concrete answer to climate-related problems. Alenka Valenčič Butinar presented ATech's innovation FUMIS at the SFI. Mrs Alenka Valenčič Butinar also told an anecdote by explaining that the more we consume nut nougat cream spread, the more we contribute to the biomass heating fuel as there is an increased number of nutshells.

Thanks to FUMIS there is a significant reduction in emissions of CO2 and other toxic gasses. The biomass heating systems that already exist and are still to be installed in Slovenia in 2008 will significantly reduce the emissions of CO2 for 7,000 tons.

Best Entrepreneurial Idea 2013/14

We are happy to announce that our innovation - Florian – has been nominated for best business idea 2013/14.

56 candidates, with their innovative ideas, were involved in the Best Entrepreneurial Idea 2013/14 competition this year. The editorial board of Finance newspaper chose ten finalists, of which we are one, who will present their idea in Finance newspaper and on the nominee website.

From the 8th – 15th May, online voting will take place. Visitors to the nominee website will be able to vote for their favourite via ballot.

The online votes and assessment of the editorial board of Finance newspaper will choose and announce a winner on 20th May at a gala event in Ljubljana.

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