Q: Can FUMIS control a firewood boiler that applies wood gasification (pyrolitic combustion)?

A: Yes, FUMIS is being used for several different wood gasification boiler where it typically improves the performance by more than 30%.

Q: What is a »wood biomass heating system«?

A: It is a system that uses a fuel that is made of wood.

Q: What is »renewable energy«?

A: It is energy that comes from a source that can be renewed. In other words when the cycle is closed the impact on the CO2 level is neutral.

Q: Why is heating with biomass preventing global warming when the combustion still emits CO2?

A: Combustion of biomass is actually using energy of the sun that plants transformed in a combustible. Burning emits the CO2 that was used by the plant to grow the biomass and can be used again.

Q: What is the difference between pellets, briquettes, woodchips and firewood/logs?

A: FUMIS can control various heating system burning all the mentioned types of wood biomass. The most important technical differences between these types of wood biomass is the possibility to automate the feeding and burning process.

Q: Can FUMIS control pellet heating systems fuelled with non-wood biomass?

A: Yes, FUMIS products can control also the combustion of straw, corn and other solid biofuels.

Q: What is the benefit of using an underpressure sensor?

A: The benefit is that allows to implement an even more accurate control of the combustion and keep the heating system operating at maximum efficiency regardless of changes in chimney conditions, level of residues in the heating system and other variables that otherwise affect the performances.

Q: What is the benefit of using a lambda probe?

A: The benefit is in that the combustion control loop is based on the exact oxygen readings so the combustion is controlled in real time on actual performance. Available on FUMIS products as an option it is strongly recommended for heating systems using biomass fuel with inhomogeneous characteristics (specific energy, moisture content, etc.), especially woodchips.

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