Fumis brings many benefits for users of biomass heating devices that span from improved comfort in daily use to cost savings that accumulate across each heating season.

These benefits for the users are:

SAVINGS: lower heating cost due to 100 % operating autonomy = best value for money

COMFORT: easy to use, safe, providng maximum user comfort

FLEXIBILITY: adaptive to users‘ needs (multiple set combinations, design & colour options)

ECO-FIRENDLINESS: lower consupmtion, lower particle and gasses emissions

INNOVATION: leading with innovation in user friendliness 

Fumis combustion controller consumer benefits
Power setting:
Auto, Quick Heat and Eco options
Ambient fan settings:
Auto, Quick Heat and Eco options
Temperature settings:
Anti-freeze and 2nd room options
Fuel type selection autonomy visualisation Timer settings:
daily and weekly programme


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