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Date: 09-03-2020


Let us move your business to the next level with Fumis biomass combustion control technology!

It's great to connect with you and discuss ways to improve product portfolio, generate more sales and improve business. -Thank you for your trust and your visit to our booth at Progetto Fuoco 2020. We love this special event and it is always a pleasure talking to you.

Together, we make a difference.

Video: Highlights of innovation 2020 - 2022

#1 Differentiator

PREMIUM XL DISPLAY. Fumis UX/UI is exceptional; with smartphone-like features, touch sensitive, responsive, multilingual, etc.

#2 Differentiator

ALPHA V2 & FUMIS AIR CONTROLLERS. The most advanced pellet and wood controllers in the industry with more than 1 million sold peaces.

#3 Differentiator

SWEETSPOT SENSORS. Unique product concept and design of temperature, humidity and air pressure measuring sensors.

#4 Differentiator

CLOUD PLATFORM. Modular, server-based apps for custom projects, white labelling, etc.

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